Title division

The Putnam County Title Department processes titles for motor vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, mobile homes, travel trailers, campers, motor homes, watercraft and boat motors, motor cycles, scooters, and golf carts.

The Title office collects sales tax for the purchase of motor vehicles and issuance fee for processing each document and then disburses these monies to the proper accounts of the State and County.   The County’s portion of the issuance fee revenue and the poundage on the sales tax is deposited in the Title Administration fund which funds the operating budget of the county title office.

The Putnam County Title Department is linked throughout the State of Ohio by an automated title processing system (ATPS) computer network.  This system connects Putnam County to all other counties throughout the state and provides fast efficient issuance of approximately 14,000 titles for county residents annually.

Deputy Clerks in the title office also process applications for Passports during regular business hours each business day.   Applications can be downloaded by going to the Passport Agency Link on this page.


245 E Main St. Suite 106 Ottawa, OH 45875


Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm


P. 419.523.8729 F. 419.523.5284

Helpful links

Title information

Watercraft Title Information

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Title department fees

Watercraft titles$15.00
Salvage title$4.00
Duplicate titles$15.00
Memo titles$5.00
Late fee (30 days)$5.00
Archive fee (mobile homes)$5.00
Notary fee (affidavit)$1.00
Title search$5.00
Certified copy$1.00