Prosecutor’s Office


County Prosecutor:
Gary Lammers


336 E. Main St., Suite B
Ottawa, Ohio 45875

Phone:  419-523-3600
Fax:  419-523-4519

Office Hours:
8:30 – 4:30
Monday – Friday



The Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office is the chief criminal prosecuting agency for all Putnam County law enforcement agencies. The Prosecutor’s Office handles all felony prosecutions along with all misdemeanor, criminal, and traffic offenses in violation of the Ohio Revised Code. The Prosecutor’s Office also participates in the presentation of cases of delinquency, unruly, juvenile traffic offenses, and abuse, neglect and dependency offenses involving juveniles in the Putnam County Juvenile Court.

The Prosecutor’s Office provides legal representation and advice to all the county offices and departments on a variety of issues. Further, the Prosecutor’s Office is the legal representative for all townships in Putnam County, including their boards and commissions.

The Prosecutor’s Office regularly provides training for all of the law enforcement agencies working within Putnam County on new crime trends, investigative techniques, and updates in the statutory and case law. The staff of the Prosecutor’s Office also provides assistance and advice in the preparation of search warrants as requested by all law enforcement officers in the county.

Training is also made available to the townships and other county officials on issues ranging from zoning laws and procedures, public records laws, and open meeting requirements.

Gary L. Lammers has served as the elected Prosecutor since 2005. Prior to election, he served as an Assistant County Prosecutor for 11 1/2 years. The prosecutor currently works with a staff of two full-time Assistant Prosecutors, Andrew Benchic and Katherine Porter, one part-time Assistant Prosecutor, Todd Schroeder, and two Administrative Assistants, Dawn Maag, and Shannon Hovest.


Gary Lammers

Andrew Benchic
Katherine Porter Todd Schroeder