Who To Contact

Zoning Regulations

All zoning regulations are handled by townships and villages.



Township  Name  Phone  Address 
 Blanchard Not Zoned
 Greensburg Roger Schroeder 419-523-1124 15212 Rd G-14  Ottawa, OH 45875
 Jackson Todd Miller 419-236-6398 19739 US 224  Ft Jennings, OH 45844
 Jennings Kenneth Beam 419-231-4781  19408 Rd 20  Ft Jennings, OH 45844 
 Liberty Peg Niese  419-876-3456  5311 Rd 12   Ottawa, OH 45875 
 Monroe Larry Mansfield  419-796-9652  21414 Rd D  Continental, OH 45831 
 Monterey Dan Landin  419-615-7594 25642 Rd R  Ft Jennings, OH 45844
 Ottawa Tim Collet  419-615-8950  11468 Rd 11-J   Ottawa, OH 45875
 Palmer Eugene Verhoff  419-236-2846  17352 SR 15   Continental, OH 45831 
 Perry Harold Kahle  419-230-5244  10546 SR 634  Cloverdale, OH 45827 
 Pleasant Michael Kohls  419-659-2064  17371 Old SR 65  Columbus Grove, OH 45830 
 Riley Not Zoned 
 Sugar Creek Not Zoned 
 Union Al Fortman 419-202-4365 
 Van Buren Carroll McDaniel 419-236-8115  6450 Rd 5-F  Leipsic, OH 45856 



Village  Name  Phone  Address 
 Belmore Mayor  419-275-2363  
 Cloverdale Mayor 419-488-2185 
 Columbus Grove Mayor  419-303-5869  
 Continental Clerk 419-596-3561   
 Dupont Mayor 419-596-3061
 Gilboa Not Zoned 
 Fort Jennings Mayor 419-286-2440 
 Glandorf Mayor  419-538-6330 
 Kalida Mayor  419-532-3195  PO Box 560   Kalida, OH 45853 
 Leipsic Mayor 419-943-2080 
 Miller City Mayor 419-876-3206 
 Ottawa Clerk 419-523-5020 
 Ottoville Mayor  419-453-3149 
 Pandora Mayor  419-384-3534 
 West Leipsic Mayor  419-943-2354


Where to Obtain Specific Information


Putnam County Engineer
Information available on topography, drainage ditches, watersheds and drainage maps, roads, county-located tile mains, aerial photography, mapping and traffic counts.


Putnam County Health Department
Information available on regulations governing household sewage disposal and private water systems in Putnam County.


Putnam County Planning Commission
Information available on zoning ordinances, county subdivision, regulations, floodplain administration, or other conditions that may affect the land use or limit the type of housing you plan to build.


Putnam County Soil and Water Conservation District
Information and technical assistance available on soil capabilities and limitations, erosion control measures and drainage, surface & subsurface drainage design and layout, pond installations, logging of test holes, information-type tours on specific topics.  Can provide a contractors list and tree seedling order blank.


The Putnam County Planning Commission office is located in the Auditor’s Office of the Putnam County Courthouse.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (419) 523-8715 or e-mail Greg Luersman

Other Important Addresses and Phone Numbers

Putnam County Health Department — 256 Williamstown Rd. (419) 523-5608

Putnam County 911 Coordinator — Putnam County Jail (419) 523-5146

Putnam County Engineer’s Office — Court House (419) 523-6931

Putnam County Soil and Water — 1206 E. Second St (419) 523-5159

Ohio Department of Transportation — 617 11th St. (419) 523-3750