What We Can Do


What we CAN do: What we CAN’T do

– Collect and disburse ordered payments and maintain an accurate record of those payments.


– Provide services to locate an absent parent responsible for support. When appropriate, establish a Court or Administrative order for support.


– Administratively modify an existing support order, provided the request for a review meets specific review criteria.


– Withhold support through an income withholding notice to an Obligor’s employer, Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation benefits, or funds on deposit in a financial institution.


– Obtain an order for medical insurance coverage.


– Use the federal and state income tax offset programs to collect past due support.  Some submission restrictions apply.


– Report the amount of past due support owed by an Obligor to a credit reporting agency.


– Establish paternity by acknowledgement of the parent or by genetic testing and order support for a child born out of wedlock.


– Refer child support cases to Court for enforcement and contempt actions.


– Suspend professional, driving and recreational licenses of Obligors in default.


– Initiate criminal non-support for prosecution for flagrant non-payers.


– Establish an arrearage payment on past due child support through an administrative default action. 


– Initiate interstate action for enforcement of orders when the Obligor resides in another state.


– Mediate visitation rights or disputes or become involved in any way with custody issues or any subsequent changes in custody of the children.


– Collect or enforce property settlement matters.


– Collect upon medical bills other than those previously ordered by the Court.


– Determine who is entitled to claim a child on tax returns.


– Locate estranged children.


 The CSEA cannot act in anyway as your private attorney or personally represent your interests outside the Federal and State mandates.



Please note that the Attorney(s) working for the Putnam County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) are not your private attorney regarding your support/paternity case.  They, as well as the rest of the CSEA staff, represent the interests of the people of the State of Ohio, and do not personally represent you or your interests.

By Federal and State law, the CSEA is obligated to establish and enforce Administrative/Court orders relating to child support, establish paternity, as well as perform other related functions.  We will bring actions on your behalf to establish paternity and/or enforce your support rights.  However, by our representation and intervention in your case, no attorney-client relationship has been or will be established.  You have the right to obtain your own legal counsel to specifically represent your individual interest, free from any potential conflicts involving the CSEA and its functions.